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Sports fuel reinvented

In the 1960s the first carbohydrate sports drink was launched. Now Maurten has reinvented sports fuel. We're introducing the world’s most carbohydrate-rich sports drink. Widely used by the best endurance athletes in the world.

Maurten Carbohydrate Drinks

Carbohydrate drinks

Looking for a lot of energy? This carbohydrate sports drink contains 80g of carbs per serving (500 ml). It's widely used by the best endurance athletes in the world.

If you want both hydration and energy – this is the product for you. One serving contains 40 grams of carbohydrates (500 ml).

Only available for purchase in the EU and the US.

Kenenisa Bekele in Berlin Marathon


  • European record Marathon 2017 (M)
  • World record 100 miles 2017 (W)
  • Winner of NYC Marathon 2017 (M)
  • Winner of Chicago Marathon 2017 (M)
  • Winner of Berlin Marathon 2017 (M & W)
  • World champs Marathon 2017 (M & W)
  • World Champ 10 000m 2017 (M)
  • The Breaking 2 Marathon in Monza 2017 (Eliud Kipchoge, 02:00:25)
  • Winner of London Marathon 2017 (M)
  • Winner of Boston Marathon 2017 (M)
  • Winner of Tokyo Marathon 2017 (M)
  • Winner of NYC Marathon 2016(M)
  • Winner of Berlin Marathon 2016 (M)

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Maurten Drink Mix is now available for purchase in stores in Norway and Switzerland!

And in addition to our web shop at, you can find our sports fuels in selected stores in some countries within the European Union. Access the link below to find your retailer.

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Icon Lequipe 2017-10-16 L'Equipe

“Aujourd'hui cette startup suédois qui fabrique cette boisson miracle il prend son envol. Après Kenenisa Bekele Maurten s'est aussi mise à fournir, Wilson Kipsang, Eliud Kipchoge et des équipes cyclistes professionnelles.”

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Quote Favicon Tri 2017-04-12 Triathlete

" ... some of the world’s best marathoners, including 2016 Berlin Marathon winner Kenenisa Bekele and 2016 New York Marathon Ghirmay Ghebreslassie, were using the product to fuel their training and racing." 

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Quote Favicon Marca 2017-03-27 Marca

"La lucha por reducir el cansancio durante la carrera ha cobrado un nuevo enfoque gracias a Maurten, una empresa sueca, creadora de una nueva bebida para que el cuerpo sea capaz de tolerar mayor cantidad de carbohidratos durante el maratón" 

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"Maurten is taking a new and advanced approach in solving the glycogen depletion issue, using simple ingredients to assist in the process."

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