Is the Bicarb System for me?

Bicarbonate can be used in training and competition for sports that require intermittent or constant intensity near or above the anaerobic threshold, such as cycling, middle-distance running, rowing, swimming, team sports, and combat sports.

It can also be used in threshold (interval) training for all types of endurance sports.

However, the use of bicarbonate during prolonged steady-state endurance events such as marathons or long-distance triathlons is still an area of research.

The mixing instructions for Bicarb can be found on the box, or in the digital planner. The powder of component B is mixed with water in component A to create a hydrogel. The bicarbonate mini tablets (Component C) are added to the hydrogel and stirred in before consuming.

If you are a Bicarb user, please refer to the more detailed mixing instructions on the box or in the Digital System to ensure an optimal Bicarb experience.

Sodium bicarbonate has a long history of use for its performance benefits and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as one of the very few non-prohibited supplements that directly improve sports performance.

Large doses of sodium bicarbonate counteract the negative effects of the rising acidity that overwhelms the muscles and leads to exhaustion during all-out, intense anaerobic efforts.

Sodium bicarbonate supplementation has been shown to enhance the performance of athletes who engage in high-intensity, short-duration activities or exercises that involve repeated bouts of high-intensity effort. This includes sports like sprinting, high-intensity interval training, and team sports such as basketball or football, which require intense bursts of effort.

Sodium bicarbonate supplementation can also be beneficial for endurance sports that have periods of high-intensity effort — such as the final sprint finish of a cycling race or stage.

The Maurten Bicarb System has received Informed Sport certification, guaranteeing a product free from substances prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), and manufactured to high-quality standards. Every batch is tested before it’s released to market.

The IOC International Olympic Committee considers sodium bicarbonate to be among the top 5 ergogenic aids to enhance exercise performance in certain sport-specific scenarios.

Follow this link to see our certification from Informed Sport.

The Maurten Bicarb System is different from bicarb solutions and bicarb capsules, the two traditional forms of bicarbonate. The Maurten Bicarb System is a combination of bicarb mini tablets and a hydrogel.

The hydrogel helps ingesting the mini tablets and protect from dissolving prematurely in the stomach. Because of their small size, mini tablets are not caught in the stomach as capsules do, resulting in a more controlled transfer from the stomach to the intestine, where they gradually disintegrate and the sodium bicarbonate is dissolved and absorbed.

The intake of sodium may lead to water retention and weight gain.

Daily or weekly high intake of sodium may lead to an increase in blood pressure. Individuals with a previous history of high blood pressure should consult with a healthcare professional before using the product.

Total sodium of each dose:

Bicarb System 15 (15g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 4100mg

Bicarb System 19 (19g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 5200mg

Bicarb System 22 (22g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 6000mg

Bicarb System 25 (25g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 6800 mg

Component B contains a total of 39.2 grams of carbohydrate, of which 14.4 grams are sugars, composed of maltodextrin and fructose - this is the same across all bicarb doses.

We believe that doses around 0.25 g per kilo body weight, or up to about 0.3 g/kg, are suitable doses.

The Bicarb System should be ingested 1.5–2 hours before intense exercise - warming-up can be started before this. The Bicarb Digital System has been created by our in-house nutritional scientists to make it intuitive to plan, prepare, and execute a bicarb session or race. It’s virtually your personal bicarb nutritionist.


The carbohydrate mix is designed for use together with water that does not have a high mineral content. The amount of water should be about 200 ml, with the possibility to take a little less or more to obtain the viscosity that suits you the best.

For water with high mineral content/high hardness, a reduced water volume may be used.

Component A and B can be prepared the day before. It is then recommended to keep it overnight at refrigerator temperature. Component C should only be added immediately before consuming.

For full effect, most of the mini tablets should be ingested. It is not necessary to ingest all the hydrogel.

If the digital system states that you have the incorrect dose based on you weight you have provided, please follow our returns policy.

No, each of the three types of products are different in terms of the hydrogel.

Yes. The Maurten Bicarb system is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

We recommend not to exceed 0.75 g/kg per week of Bicarb, which corresponds to 2–3 doses per week. On days with bicarb intake, there is no need for taking other sodium supplements.

If you have bought a Bicarb System product and no longer have the product box, links to the planner can found in the product-specific email you received after purchasing the Bicarb System, or by contacting our customer support.

Patent is pending in Europe and US.

Bicarb System is currently only available for purchase online on and Bicarb is not yet available in Canada, Australia, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, or in retail stores.

If you have bought the wrong dose or there is a problem with your product please contact your point of sale for returns.

If you purchased through (including FR customers), please find return information here.

If purchased through, please contact your local reseller.

The Maurten Bicarb System has an expiry date two years from production and at least one year from purchase. Any questions or concerns regarding the product you have received, please contact customer support.

No, discount codes and rewards cannot be applied to the Bicarb System.