What's Different about Maurten Drink Mixes

Normally, as soon as the concentration of carbohydrates in a drink is increased, gastric emptying slows down – resulting in less fluid and carbohydrate delivery to the body. The stomach problems caused by this have been a significant issue for many athletes.

At Maurten, we’ve found a way to avoid these problems by using hydrogel technology. This has enabled us to develop sports energy products with high carbohydrate concentrations. Some of the best runners in the world are now using our products, both during training and races.

Drink Mix 160 & 320: Which one is for me?

Can I mix 2 sachets with 500ml water?

Do I need to add electrolytes?

Can I prepare Drink Mix the dat before a race/training?

What water should I use?

Our hydrogel sports drink is advanced and the function rely on precise circumstances. We recommend you to not mix it with water with high levels of minerals (>40mg/L calcium). High calcium concentrations make the drink mix hard to dissolve.