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The Maurten Magazine are a carefully curated selection of our most unique and ambitious sport adventures from around the world. These stories document our athletes experiences within their sports and the struggles and emotions that come along with them. Let’s dive in to the athletes world.


Berlin - The year of 02:01:09

A master continually refines their craft, and this year, in Berlin, Eliud Kipchoge showed once…


“100-mile state of mind” — eine Kilian Jornet Geschichte

"Was mache ich hier eigentlich? Hör auf. Hör doch einfach auf!“ Der Weg des…


Maurten meets Gustav Iden | A conversation around fueling

He’s young - but that hasn’t stopped him. At age 25 he has established himself as one of the…


The selfless champion | A Kengo Suzuki story

After a sixteen-year drought Japanese men’s marathoning entered a new era in 2018 when its…


The weight of a nation | A Flora Duffy story

It was ten days before the Olympic triathlon in Tokyo that Flora Duffy knew. Her training…


Maurten meets Kristian Blummenfelt

Sometimes an athlete’s performances are so immense that a line is drawn in the sand. They find…


The World Record fueled by regret

Mariko Yugeta is 62. The first woman in her 60s to break three hours in the marathon. A world…


Berlin - through the eyes of Jojo Harper

Jojo Harper is an award winning documentary photographer based between London, England and…


Ekiden: The Japanese phenomenon

Every year just around when the calendars have flipped to a new year, almost one-third of the…