Driven — Lucy Charles-Barclay

The ability to decompress, reflect, address, and then return, takes guts. Having finished second on four occasions, Lucy Charles-Barclay goes again — into the heat, the humidity, and the wind — of Kona.

“At the moment it's the biggest challenge I've found in sport and I haven't quite reached the top. So I think that's what keeps me coming back.”

“To actually be winning races was something I never thought was possible when I first came into triathlon. And every year you have to push yourself that bit further if you want to get back on the podiums. 
So that again drives me.”

“As much as I can have a great race, I'm always disappointed if I don't get the win — even if I know I couldn't have done any more.”

“In long distance, we almost fall into wanting to be able to just fat burn our whole workout. But actually, if you're doing that on every single workout, there's going to be a huge knock-on effect. And the knock-on effects can be the next workout, the next day, it can impact the rest of the week.”

Is victory sweeter when you’ve had to go again — and again — to reach it? 

Lucy Charles-Barclay — driven to climb onto that final step of the podium.

Words by Ross Lovell, Motion and stills by Oliver Grenaa