Giro d’Italia — Team Jumbo-Visma

A Grand Tour is a tornado of relentless chaos and drama. A barreling — unforgiving — storybook that rolls across a country like a force of nature. For each day a new chapter is written, fresh, dictated by moments — attacks, mechanicals, elation, rage, luck, heroics, and teamwork. A Grand Tour waits for no one. Yet from the villages, the towns and cities the people come and they wait. Eager to experience — to live — their own moment of the passing spectacle.

For those few riders at the top, patiently negotiating the turbulence, it takes a level head to stay cool when the pendulum could — in a moment — swing towards win or lose. To calmly remount a chain in the maelstrom of the final mountain time-trial. One rider comes out on top, but a Grand Tour is the perfect illustration of teamwork — on and off the road.

Looking back, the vastness of a Grand Tour can only be remembered by the moments of incident. When Sepp Kuss turned himself inside-out to protect Primoz Roglic as the race seemed to be slipping away. When Roglic lost his chain just a few kilometres from the top of the pivotal stage. The moments when the adoring fans held their breath. The moments we all wait for — that make the race.

But teamwork isn't reserved for the road. To the victor go the spoils, they say. In a Grand Tour, however, the victor is not the individual on the top step of the podium at the end of the last day — it's the whole team who wear the name. And as Roglic embraced his Jumbo-Visma team at the top of Monte Lussari, his words were the purest reflection of the teamwork preceding that moment — "We did it."

Thank you, Primoz.
Thank you, Team Jumbo-Visma.

Words by Ross Lovell, Photos by Dan King