It all starts here x Hallvard Kolltveit

Navigating any new world is daunting. A language unknown, unfamiliar customs. Rituals. It’s rules — written and unwritten. It’s entirely natural to feel uncomfortable, to make mistakes. Everyone’s been a rookie at some time.

When Hallvard Kolltveit — renowned Norwegian surf and ski photographer — threw his hat into the IRONMAN ring one day, it started a journey of discovery into all things endurance.

After we started chatting, we felt it was a story that athletes could learn from - and relate to. So we asked him to capture his story.

"I see so many losing momentum because they're not having fun with what they're doing. That being in sports, work, or other parts of life. Bringing Maurten into this equation means that, because of the hydrogel technology and less GI issues, you'll have a better experience doing your sports. And have more fun".

Like most people, Hallvard learned the hard way — long, tough training and racing is a whole lot more enjoyable when your stomach behaves and you’ve got carbs to burn.

Words by Robbie Lawless | Photo and Video by Hallvard Kolltveit