State of mind — Amity Rockwell

Gravel racing is a maelstrom of grit and white knuckles. A sport with an easy-going vibe that becomes a different beast from gun to tape. Hard climbs, technical descents and breathless pace offer just fleeting moments to fuel. And to sustain performance and stay alert — every fueling moment needs to count. Because at the front it's all-in. Bike skills matter, “but it's mostly a game of fatigue against energy”, is how Amity sees it. “Being able to sustain that focus and that effort for that many hours — it's a whole other world.”

“I feel like people who do well at gravel have a high ability to just adapt to whatever situation they're thrown in. And so I like forcing those on myself. I kind of enjoy that state of mind of just having to react.”

“These races are so chaotic so often that it's not always up to you on the exact timing or the exact amount on everything. It's more just, if there's a window you take it. Instead of having a strict — eat a gel at this time, eat a bar at this time — it's more just about knowing how many carbs per hour and doing the best you can to aim within that window.”

Words by Ross Lovell, Motion by Oliver Grenaa, Stills by Viktor Brittsjö and Freddie Paxton