Solid Mix Box

The Solid Mix Box gives you a 50/50 split between the sweet and natural tasting Solid 225 and Solid C 225 cocoa version. Each box contains six of each, so you can mix your solid fueling to suit your taste buds. Solid 225 and C 225 are fast and light carbohydrate-rich, low fiber fuel sources — the perfect complement to your Hydrogel fueling. Each Solid contains 225 calories and 44g of carbs.

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Solid is our first non-Hydrogel product. That’s a big deal for us. So we stuck to what know. We listened to science. We listened to the athletes. We distilled it down to the essentials. We focused on performance. The result is a performance-focused oat-and-rice-based chewable. It may look like a bar, feel like a bar, and taste like a bar — but it’s definitely not a run-of-the-mill bar. This is Solid.

All Maurten products are delivered with a minimum shelf life of at least four months. But if you don't use them before — they are often still good after.

Make a Solid meal of your race fuel

Timing of fueling is everything. The longer the session — the more so. Solid enables athletes to mimic their normal food pattern — mid-race. To consume textured, chewable fuel at times when they would ordinarily eat a meal. To maintain balance and rhythm — limiting gastrointestinal stress.

0% Hydrogel 100% Maurten

Since 2015, our Hydrogel technology has opened athletes’ eyes to a new way of fueling. It’s changed the game. And helped rewrite the record books. Solid is developed using the same principles — science, the athlete, nutrition, and innovating performance.

Sorry, it’s not Hydrogel, but it’s unapologetically Maurten.

Serves you right

Solid contains a glucose-fructose mix that shows similar absorption rates to carbohydrate drinks during low to medium intensity sessions. It’s a dose of real on long races or steady training over 2 hours. Something to bite and chew on — with no loss of efficiency for fueling the body. Chewing your fuel won’t slow you down.

Fuel your fast

Solid is not a replacement to training and racing on Hydrogel — it’s a complement to it.

Solid is used by marathon runners, ultra runners, cyclists and triathletes.

Before: Solids can be used before training to load carbohydrates and keep fiber low. It’s a great pre-race breakfast or snack in the days leading up to a big goal.

During: Solid is an ideal fuel to consume during low-to-medium intensity endurance sessions over 2 hours. It helps add variety into your fueling without compromising the absorption rate of the carbohydrates.

After: Hard training sessions or races should be rewarded. Solid is a great tool for replenishing carbohydrates quickly.


We didn’t set out to make a commercial product when we started our Solid journey. We looked at science and thought, “If we make a bar that’s good enough for an elite rider or athlete, it will be good enough for all athletes.”

When we looked into it and spoke to our athletes, we realised that there were simply not many options out there for a performance-focused bar. Solid is the result. Pure and simple.

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