What's Different about Maurten Drink Mixes?

Normally, as soon as the concentration of carbohydrates in a drink is increased, gastric emptying slows down – resulting in less fluid and carbohydrate delivery to the body. The stomach problems caused by this have been a significant issue for many athletes.

At Maurten, we’ve found a way to avoid these problems by using hydrogel technology. This has enabled us to develop sports energy products with high carbohydrate concentrations. Some of the best runners in the world are now using our products, both during training and races.

How to use Drink Mix?

Both Drink Mixes are built with our patented hydrogel technology and contain two different carbohydrate concentrations; Drink Mix 320 contains 80g of carbohydrates (mixed with 500ml of water) while Drink Mix 160 contains 40g of carbohydrates (mixed with 500ml of water).

Drink Mix 320 can be used as a preload and consumed during training and racing. This product could be beneficial when fluid requirements are low, as in cooler temperatures. Drink Mix 160 can be used as a preload too, and for shorter training and races. This would be our recommended option in hot and humid conditions when you’d need more fluid.

There is no general hydration strategy since the sweat rates vary between individuals, seasons, and climates. These factors must be considered when choosing the right Maurten product.

Yes, however, Drink Mixes are developed to be mixed with the ratio of one sachet and 500ml of water, which creates the intended strength of the hydrogel binding.

If you mix the Drink Mixes in more water than recommended you will dilute the gelling components and make hydrogel progressively weaker. This means that the hydrogel structure won’t be as strong as intended and could potentially make you more prone to gastrointestinal issues.

However, mixing more than one Drink Mix with 500ml does not have the same effect. Creating a higher concentrated Maurten drink will result in a sweeter and thicker drink (more viscous/dense and the resulting hydrogel will be stronger) - we strongly advise you to practice the tolerance of a drink before implementing it in a race strategy.


There is no strong scientific evidence to support that athletes need to add electrolytes during activities. Electrolytes can be used at the athlete's discretion during hard training, racing, or in warm conditions. If you want to add electrolytes, add them for your recovery, but they should not be used in immediate conjunction with Maurten products.

Furthermore, many electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium) attract alginate molecules, thus creating a competitive environment where fewer alginate molecules will be able to create cross-links with hydrogen ions in the stomach (i.e. the hydrogel strength will be influenced).

Maurten Drink Mix 320 and Drink Mix 160 do not contain any preservatives. We recommend consuming the drink within 24h after mixing with water.

As for any drink containing sugar (and no preservatives), the drinks will stay fresh for longer if kept cool (refrigerated). Store in cooler temperatures for longer storage (48-72h). Do not heat the Maurten products to more than 60°C. For long term storage, Maurten gels should be kept at room temperature or slightly cooler.

Our hydrogel sports drink is advanced and the function rely on precise circumstances. We recommend you to not mix it with water with high levels of minerals (>40mg/L calcium). High calcium concentrations make the drink mix hard to dissolve.