Is Maurten Bicarb for me?

Bicarbonate can be used in training and competition for sports that require intermittent or constant intensity near or above anaerobic threshold — cycling, middle-distance running, rowing, swimming, team sports, and combat sports. It can also be used in threshold (interval) training for all types of endurance sports to help promote adaptations. Although some athletes have anecdotally reported positive results, the use of bicarbonate during prolonged steady-state endurance events, such as marathons or long-distance triathlons, is still an area of research.

The science.

High-intensity exercise causes a build-up of hydrogen ions (H+), leading to a drop in muscle pH. It’s a process called *acidosis*. It’s what impacts performance — negatively.

Taking sodium bicarbonate can increase blood bicarbonate and blood pH concentration — which helps move H+ ions out of the muscles. This leads to better control of muscle pH — which is a win-win for power-based sessions and races.

What serving size do I need?

One size does not fit all. Depending on your weight and previous experience with using bicarbonate, the Bicarb System will recommend a size during the purchase process — 12, 15, 19, 22, or 25. Each serving of the Bicarb System consists of the bicarbonate component and 40 grams of carbohydrates encapsulated in a specially formulated hydrogel — to be mixed and consumed together as a single portion.

Maurten Bicarb System — let’s explain why

The extremity of anaerobic limits was our starting point. The result is a radical product that shatters those limits.

Preparation is key

Maurten embraces a minimalist approach to its formulations. The focus is on using a limited number of high-quality ingredients and avoiding unnecessary additives. This simplicity aligns with a commitment to provide athletes with effective and straightforward solutions. Simply — performance-focused. Nothing else. Instructions are easy to follow but, nonetheless, must be followed without deviation.


Always prepare and consume the Maurten Bicarb System at least 1.5-2 hours before intense exercise and at least an hour after a proper meal, such as breakfast. This is to allow enough time for the mini bicarbonate tablets to reach the intestine and be absorbed.


The Maurten Bicarb System consists of three components — 
the bowl (A), the hydrogel (B) and the bicarbonate (C). 

Open the bowl (A) and fill to the line with 200ml of water. Pour in the hydrogel (B), replace the lid, and shake vigorously to mix. Leave for 5 minutes. Open the bowl and pour in the bicarbonate (C). Gently mix with a spoon until evenly distributed through the hydrogel. Consume immediately. Do not chew the mini tablets.

Digital Planner

Each Maurten Bicarb System includes a QR code to unlock the Bicarb Digital System — created by our in-house nutritional scientists to make it intuitive to plan, prepare, and execute a bicarb session or race. It’s virtually your personal bicarb nutritionist.


Tear seal and open box



How do I know when the hydrogel is ready for the bicarbonate to be added?

The hydrogel should be transparent with a thick consistency that can be spooned directly from the bowl. The hydrogel powder should be fully dissolved with no white lumps.

Why don't the bicarbonate granules dissolve?

They do not dissolve in the hydrogel mixture during preparation. Consume them whole — without chewing. 
The hydrogel transports them through the stomach to be absorbed in the intestines.

Should I chew the bicarbonate granules?

No. Swallow them whole — combined with the hydrogel. Chewing could compromise the transportation through to the intestines by increasing the likelihood of exposing the bicarbonate to stomach acid.

How much Sodium is in each Bicarb System serving?

Bicarb System 12 (12g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 3300mg

Bicarb System 15 (15g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 4100mg

Bicarb System 19 (19g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 5200mg

Bicarb System 22 (22g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 6000mg

Bicarb System 25 (25g of Sodium Bicarbonate) = 6800 mg

Is the Maurten Bicarb System certified clean and allowed in competitive sport?

The Maurten Bicarb System has received Informed Sport certification, guaranteeing a product free from substances prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), and manufactured to high-quality standards. Every batch is tested before it’s released to market. Follow this link to see our certification from Informed Sport..

How does the Maurten Bicarb System work?

The hydrogel helps with ingesting the mini tablets, working to protect them from dissolving prematurely in the stomach. Because of their small size, mini tablets are not caught in the stomach as capsules do, resulting in a more controlled transfer from the stomach to the intestine, where they gradually disintegrate and the sodium bicarbonate is dissolved and absorbed.

Is the hydrogel in component B the same as in your Drink Mixes and Gels?

No, each of the three types of products are different in terms of the hydrogel.

Is the Maurten Bicarb System vegetarian/vegan?

Yes. The Maurten Bicarb system is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

How often can I use the Maurten Bicarb System?

We recommend not to exceed 2–3 servings per week. On days when you use the Maurten Bicarb System, there is no need for taking sodium supplements.

Can I prepare the Bicarb system the day before a race/training?

Component A and B can be prepared the day before. It is then recommended to keep it overnight at refrigerator temperature. Component C should only be added immediately before consuming.

Real-world testing

Maurten is at the front line of elite athlete testing. There to capture the results from the blood, sweat, and tears or hard training in order to inform the development process. It’s not a one-off — it’s constant.

The Bicarb System was years in development. Informed by hundred of hours with athletes and a robust, multidimensional, and rigorous testing protocol. It’s real-world testing — the moments that make the biggest difference to athletic progress — in order to deliver real-world results.