Tear seal and open box



Fill with 500ml water - fill to the first edge


Drink Mix

Can I dissolve Maurten Drink Mix in more than 500ml of water?

The Hydrogel Technology used in the Maurten Drink Mix has been specifically developed to optimize performance when mixed with 500ml of water. Using more water than specified will dilute the gelling components, weakening the hydrogel structure and increasing the risk of gastrointestinal distress.

Can I mix more than one Drink Mix sachet with 500ml of water?

Although safe, it is not recommended to mix more than one sachet with 500ml of water. It will create a thicker, sweeter, more concentrated sports drink, and a stronger hydrogel. Athletes should train their guts and practice this method in training to understand what they can tolerate — before race day.

Do I need to add electrolytes?

No. For well-trained athletes there is limited scientific evidence to support the addition of supplementary electrolytes during training or racing. Electrolyte loss decreases as the training level of an athlete increases. Electrolytes can be used at the athlete’s discretion during hard training, racing, or in warm conditions. But they 
should not be used in immediate conjunction with 
Maurten products.


How do I know when the hydrogel is ready for the bicarbonate to be added?

The hydrogel should be transparent with a thick consistency that can be spooned directly from the bowl. The hydrogel powder should be fully dissolved with no white lumps.

Why don't the bicarbonate granules dissolve?

They do not dissolve in the hydrogel mixture during preparation. Consume them whole — without chewing. 
The hydrogel transports them through the stomach to be absorbed in the intestines.

Should I chew the bicarbonate granules?

No. Swallow them whole — combined with the hydrogel.