Transition Kit

We’ve created the Transition Kit to take care of business. It contains a selection of small reusable essentials that will make a big difference on race day — and beyond.

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It contains...

  • 2 x BOTTLES 750ml

It’s all in the details

The life of an endurance athlete is one of transitions. From rollers to road, from track to trail, from pool to Pacific — it’s in a state of constant change.

Sweat the small stuff. Everything in its place. Get your s**t together. Word it whatever way you want — the fact is, smooth transitions are all in the details.

Silicone fuel cells

The Fuel Cell is your Hydrogel’s home on the go. Using food-grade, BPA-free silicone — these reusable pouches are your new sustainable go-to for fueling strategy organization. Use them to arrange your fuel needs and transport your GEL 100 and DRINK MIX to your races. Once in the heat of battle, use your Fuel Cells to transition like a pro with easily identifiable, grab-and-go efficiency.

It’s also finding multiple alternative uses with our elite athletes — from cable caddie to toiletries tote. The Fuel Cell is a dishwasher-safe multitasker for the discerning endurance athlete.

Microfiber towel set

The Transition Kit contains one compact body towel and two small foot towels. Individual towels help keep sand, grit, or gravel from getting inside your tri-suit or shoes and will get you from one discipline to the next faster and drier.

Your Transition Kit towels also do double duty as pain cave sweat-and-tear absorbers. Soak it up, squeeze out every last drop, and go again — a worthy motto for all IRONMAN athletes out there.

Bottle 750ml

Seen in the hands and frames of world record holders and champions, Olympic gold medalists, kings of Kona, sub-2 marathoners, and thousands of Hydrogel heroes across the globe — the 750ML bottle will keep you fueled when you’re in the saddle.

The bottle is also your day-to-day companion, equally at home trackside, poolside, and Zwiftside. The Transition Kit contains two — the more, the merrier.

Fueling right from the start.

The following guidelines outline fueling strategies for common training sessions and race plans. Remember that a fuel guide is highly personal and varies depending on individual diets and also on specific training programs. The following information is for reference only and can help empower your training, by creating, refining, and help you execute your fuel strategy.

To the Fuel Guide 

Science is a part of our nature. And vice versa.

In 2015, we discovered how to make sports fuels easier to tolerate by encapsulating high concentrations of carbohydrates in hydrogels. The sports fuels, based on only natural ingredients, became popular and one year later some of the world's best runners started using our products. The technology is patent pending.


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