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At Maurten, we have used hydrogel technology to develop carbohydrate drinks that our bodies can tolerate. Based on five natural ingredients. 

Carbohydrate Drink - Drink Mix 160

Drink mix 160 Box
$42.00 EXCL. TAXES

If hydration is your main priority but you still want a lot of energy – this is the product for you. One serving contains 40 grams of carbohydrates. Each box contains 18 servings.

Drink mix 320 Box
$48.00 EXCL. TAXES

The world's most carbohydrate-rich sports drink. Used by the best runners in the world. One serving (500 ml) contains 80 grams of carbohydrates. Each box contains 14 servings.

Sports Drink Bottle – White

White transparent sports drink bottle from Maurten. Including mixing instructions for Maurten Drink Mix.

Product teaser

To be announced

A new innovative product using Maurten technology will arrive here during 2018!