Over/Under intervals

In this sessions riders will increase the ability to ​withstand accumulated levels of lactate. ​

​Main set includes:
4 x 5 min of 30/30 sec ​alternating efforts between 90-95% of FTP ​and 110-120% of FTP. Rest 10 min in between sets.

What are over-unders?
What is an FTP Test?

Source: Haugen et al., 2022

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Maurten recommends:

Pre-exercise: Maurten Bicarb System 1-4 hours before

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1-4 hours before

1 x Maurten Bicarb System


1 x Gel 100 Caf 100 or
1 x Gel 160 or
1 x Gel 100

Maurten recommends:

Take 1-2 sips of Drink Mix between sets

Main set

1 x Drink Mix 160 or
1 x Drink Mix 320 or
1 x Drink Mix 320 Caf 100

Cool down
10-30 min