Sprint specific

Sprinters on the road use a cadence around 110 rpm ​when they start their sprinting and accelerate to 120 rpm.​
At other points during the session, cadence is kept around 85-100 rpm​

​Main set includes two 4 x 10 second sprints with 5 min ​between and 20 min rest in between sets

Source: Haugen et al., 2022

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1-4 hours before

1 x Solid 225 or
1 x Solid C 225



Maurten recommends:

Take 1-2 sips of Drink Mix between sets

Why should I use sports nutrition with Caffeine?

Main set

1 x Drink Mix 160 or
1 x Drink Mix 320 or
1 x Drink Mix 320 Caf 100

Cool down
10-30 min