Time trials

Distance: 50-80% of racing distance

“All-out” efforts or trials focus on achieving a target time. ​
Race simulation pace typically performed prior to an important goal ​in the early part of the season.

Source: Haugen et al., 2022

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Maurten recommends:

Pre-exercise: Maurten Bicarb System 1-4 hours before

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1-4 hours before

1 x Maurten Bicarb System


1 x Gel 100 Caf 100 or
1 x Gel 160 or
1 x Gel 100

Maurten recommends:

Only fuel for marathon and half marathon build-up, with 1 x Gel 100 every 6km

Why should I use sports nutrition with Caffeine?

Main set
50-80% of race distance

Every 6km:

1 x Gel 100 or
1 x Gel 100 Caf 100

Cool down
10-30 min

1 x Drink Mix 320 or
1 x Drink Mix 160 or
1 x Solid 225 C